Cutting-edge technology from Kretzschau

In the early days, the HELGA branch was especially famous for products from the steel construction trade. As times have changed, much more sophisticated and complex machines and systems have been added to the range. One example of this in Kretzschau is the storage and loading system Rapidstore. This stows a large number of different types of glass on mobile storage compartments before transferring them – in precise synchronisation with the cycle – to a cutting system for cutting to size.


Storage solutions for bulky, extra-long material

At our plant in Kretzschau, customised compact storage systems for PVCU profiles and flat glass are developed and produced before being assembled at our customers’ premises. Among the best-known products from the ‘Made in Kretzschau’ assortment are storage solutions for window profiles or other bulky, extra-long materials. For this purpose, the company offers manual or automatic movable shelving systems that are placed side by side to allow up to 50 percent more storage capacity. The Telehub palette fork handler is another popular product. Once hooked onto the hall crane, this user-friendly device can be used flexibly for picking and placing, even in poorly accessible areas.


Global success with German-made mechanical engineering

At HEGLA Kretzschau, our employees are greatly committed to bringing innovation and customised solutions to our customers, which has not only resulted in national success, but has also seen us reap the benefits on a global scale. Our company is known for German quality and innovation around the world and we have exported our unique products to almost every country on earth.


Growing plant with new capacities

In 2019, an extension of around 3,200 sq. m is scheduled for the Kretzschau site. The new space will be used for the manufacture of HEGLA boraident systems, the products of which are in great demand.


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