Fully automated Compact Storage System with gantry shuttle for system pallets

The fully automated Compact Storage System is a complete solution for stockpiling, picking, supplying and buffering long-goods pallets. The entire process of loading and unloading, managing and supplying is automated and time- and space-optimised. The warehouse is adapted perfectly to your production requirements and structural circumstances, and ensures the continual material flow for production. Supported by software, you always have a complete overview of your stock.

HEGLA automated warehouse for fully automated storage, picking and supply of long-goods profiles

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  • Fully automated complete solution for all storage processes,
  • Supplying, picking, buffering and stockpiling long-goods pallets
  • The entire process of loading and unloading, managing and transporting is automated, time- and space-optimised,
  • The storage system is suitable for all long-goods system pallets,
  • A continual material flow is ensured thanks to quick availability,
  • Optimal usage of existing storage area thanks to a single removal gap,
  • High productivity,
  • Always have a comprehensive overview of your stock level with software support,
  • “Made in Germany” quality.

Functional description

All processes in the automated warehouse are completed fully automatically. One working gap each for the infeed and outfeed is moved to the gantry bridge. This is followed by the removal of the pallet requested by the warehouse software, the networked systems or a production control system.

To ensure the Compact Storage System is even more flexible, several infeed and removal stations can be integrated. Further flexibility can be gained by expanding to include an optional, manual shunting yard, which is suitable for immediate onward transport or for pre-picking profiles, as required.

Depending on customer requirements and local conditions, it is possible to directly integrate one or more production lines.

The required pallets are available without handling, restacking or searching.
Everything has its place in the fully automated storage system for long-goods profiles
The automated warehouse can be supplemented with an unloading and sorting station.
Issuing long-goods pallets from the HEGLA automatic warehouse
To save space, the system pallets can be stored at height and close to one another, meaning they can always be accessed.
Automatically and in precise synchronisation with the cycle, the Compact Storage System makes the required pallets available and then reintroduces them.
Save space and restacking – the automated Compact Storage System for window profiles and other long goods
The warehouse can be fitted with easily accessible pallets and empty system pallets can be removed
If required, the warehouse can be supplemented with additional unloading positions.
Where necessary, the automated Compact Storage System can be adapted to any customer requirements.