Cross-travelling, manual PVCU profile storage system

With HEGLA’s cross-travelling PVCU storage system, you can get more out of your storage space. The individual racks are positioned right up against one another to help you save on valuable warehouse space. The operator loads and unloads the profiles manually by opening a variable hatch that allows a Telehub, side loader or four-way stacker to access the work area. If the order at hand only calls for a small number of profiles, the user-friendly system allows you to simply pull them out at the front end. The versatility of the HEGLA modules is also extremely practical: the shelves are configured for pallets, parcels or individual rods, depending on your exact needs.

Cross-travelling, space-saving, manual PVCU storage system


  • Space-saving storage solution for PVCU pallets, individual profiles and packages,
  • optimised use of space thanks to just one variable operator hatch,
  • operator loads and unloads pallets by manually opening a hatch between the tightly packed racks,
  • direct access for high productivity – no time wasted restacking or searching,
  • individual rods can be pulled out at the front end,
  • never lose track of your warehouse materials,
  • modular design allows you to extend your storage system at any time,
  • the manual, cross-travelling storage system can also be fitted in existing halls,
  • low-maintenance, high-quality system made in Germany,
  • wide range of expansion options to suit your processes, incl. mobile mitre saw and picking shuttles.

Functional description

The cross-travelling PVCU storage system runs smoothly on its own set of special rails. The individuals each have up to six shelves for high loading, and are positioned right up against one another to save even more space. Loading and removal can be performed via a hatch, which the operator can open using a crank drive in front of the cantilever rack to provide space for a Telehub or a stacker unit. The system is designed to enable multiple storage modules to be moved at the same time, making it extremely user-friendly. The operator can also simply pull individual profiles out at the front end of the system without having to open the hatch.

The individual positions are configured to suit the customer’s specifications in terms of hall height, load capacity, and storage options for pallets, individual rods or window profiles. The optional features, such as the picking shuttle and mobile saw station, allow you to optimise your processes even further.

Configurable options

technical breakdown - RenderingVariable shelf partitioning
increased load capacityIncreased load capacity
RAL colour of your choiceRAL colour of your choice
technical breakdown - Rendering
increased load capacity
RAL colour of your choice
Telehub pallet fork handler

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Crosswise, space-saving, manual PVCU storage system
Space-saving PVCU storage system with manual crank
Easy access for material removal
The system pallets containing the PVCU profiles are easy to access.
Plenty of storage space for extra-long goods
Save space with the cross-travelling manual PVCU storage system
Cross-travelling manual PVCU storage system
Cross-travelling manual PVCU storage system
3D rendering of the cross-travelling manual PVCU storage system
Easily move and position goods
Blueprint of a cross-travelling, manual PVCU storage system