Telehub pallet fork handler

With the Telehub, pallets can be loaded into and removed from cantilever racks or long-length storage systems and other units both quickly and in tight spaces. To do this, the Telehub is simply hooked onto the hall crane and used with the crane. The lifting height can be adjusted using the double or multiple telescope.

HEGLA Telehub


  • Space-saving, user-friendly loading and removal of pallets,
  • Fork blades motor-driven to required storage height,
  • Motor-driven load compensation at crane lug for horizontal load alignment,
  • Adjustable lifting height thanks to double or multiple telescope,
  • Optional radio remote control,
  • Optimum use of existing storage space,
  • High productivity,
  • Quality made in Germany.

Functional description

For loading and removal of long-length pallets from cantilever racks, compact long-length storage systems and other units, the Telehub pallet fork handler is hooked onto the hall crane and fixed in position. The crane operator can use the crane controls to drive and move the Telehub. To allow direct, user-friendly access to the required compartment, a motor is used to adjust the lifting height via a double or multiple telescope. For even greater safety and operating convenience, the Telehub can also be operated via radio remote control.

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