Save access time, space and money

Improve your access times and reduce storage costs with storage systems from HEGLA. We offer custom space-saving solutions to suit your needs for the storage, loading and transport of long-length pallets and single profiles, sheet metal, and glass that can be integrated seamlessly into your production processes – from manual storage systems to fully automated, compact storage systems.

Top-quality consulting,
planning and implementation

There is nothing that can’t be improved. Our staff are always striving to become better and ensure “quality in everything we do”.

The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal, and we are driven by a desire to offer them bespoke consultancy and customer care.

Together, we will find the perfect solution for your warehouse, increase your capacity without needing space to expand, and shorten your access times.

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  • We treat our customers as partners
  • Highest quality and bespoke consulting for our customers
  • The right system for every storage area and every need
  • Over 40 years of industry experience in storage and logistics