Harp rack F 50-N

HEGLA F 50-N harp racks protect the material and are user-friendly. They enable you to load and remove glass. During ongoing production, panes can be put into space-saving, protective interim storage in a system that allows each piece to be accessed individually.

HEGLA F50-N harp rack


  • User-friendly glass loading and removal system that protects the material,
  • protected and space-saving storage of glass panes,
  • can be used for internal glass transport, interim storage and the provision of subplates,
  • offers the option of accessing all panes individually,
  • small plastic tubes support the glass to protect it and make handling easier without damaging the surface,
  • the rods of the small tubes can be replaced individually,
  • protruding panes are secured by a safety bar,
  • protected, space-saving storage of glass panes,
  • easily moving rollers for internal transport of subplates and braking mechanism for stable storage,
  • replaceable magnetic number scale (1-50 or 1-25 for sorting glass),
  • fold-out U-bolt on the front of the harp rack,
  • “Made in Germany” quality.

Configurable options

Magnetic number scaleMagnetic number scale 1-25/1-50
RAL colour of your choiceRAL colour of your choice
Magnetic number scale
RAL colour of your choice
In pictures
HEGLA F50-16N glass harp rack
	Side view, HEGLA F50-16N harp rack
Front view, HEGLA harp rack - glass storage system
The harp racks offer a gentle means of storing cut glass that protects the material and allows direct access to each individual piece